Toronto 2022 Event Information

Key information about Toronto 2022. Tickets, hotels, travel, visas, event schedule, frequently asked questions, etc
Venue & Dates
Occasion Global Reunion for FGCE Alumni, Family & Friends
Dates 'August 4th - 7th
Venue The Westin Harbor Castle Hotel, 1 Harbor Square, Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A6
Tickets & Info
Ticket Type When Available US$ Naira
Early Bird Up to March 31, 2022 $200 N110k
April Promo From April 1 $225 N125k
June Promo From June 8 $275 N153k
July Promo From July 1 $325 N181k
Late From August 1 $375 N209k
Gala Gala Only $150 N/a
Gala x10 Gala table of 10 $1000 N/a
Day/Date Time Activity Link to event program
Thursday, August 4th Arrival
Volunteer Activity
Meet N Greet
Friday, August 5th Family Day Out/Picnic
Eboh Nite
Saturday, August 6th Business Meeting
Panel Discussions
Gala Nite
Sunday, August 7th Class Set Hangouts
Hotel Booking
Room Type 1-Occupant 2-Occupants 3-Occupants 4-Occupants
Traditional King $179 + tax $179 + tax $199 + tax $209 + tax
Traditional Double $179 + tax $179 + tax $199 + tax $209 + tax
One-Bedroom Suite $358 + tax $358 + tax $378 + tax $398 + tax

Additional room types are available upon request.  Contact us to request details

Hotel Views

Views of the hotel

  • As usual, we will be relying on alumni volunteers for various aspects of planning and delivery of the event. 
  • Watch this space for further information. 
  • If you would like to volunteer for any specific roles, please send us a message
  • Various media galleries from past events.
  • If you would like to suggest a gallery, please send us a message

Need Help?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The event is open to all alumni of FGCE, and they are encouraged to bring their friends and family along.
  • This also applies to those wishing to only attend the Gala event.
  • The preferred way to buy a ticket is via our online shop, for everyone including people in Nigeria who choose to pay via direct bank transfer
  • If buying from Nigeria via direct bank transfer, please first make your payment, and then choose ‘Offline Payment’ at the checkout.
  • Bank transfers should be made to the AFGCEAA Nigeria bank account: 
    • Bank Name: Zenith Bank
    • Account Name: Association of Federal Government College Enugu
    • Account No.: 1014945673
  • Tickets purchased via ‘Offline Payment’ will remain on hold until payment has been verified. 
  • Strictly speaking, no; for so many valid reasons.
  • However, in really significant situations, we may reconsider that.   
  • Contact us to discuss more. 
  • We don’t currently have bulk discounts for the event ticket.  However, we may offer them in future.  Watch this space. 
  • We do have Gala only tickets, and we offer volume discount at:  $1000 for 10 attendees.  More details soon.
  • Yes you can buy a ticket for another alumni, or non-alumni guest.
  • The online shop allows you to buy more than one ticket at a time.  However, it will make you provide the details for each person you are buying a ticket for.
  • For those buying tickets via offline payments, we will need each ticket registered here.
  • We reached an arrangement with Westin Harbor Castle Hotel (which is also the venue for all events).
  • Under this arrangement, hotel rooms are discounted and flattened for all days of the event. 
  • To book under this arrangement, bookings must be made via a special portal created for our use for Toronto 2022
  • Hotel bookings will close on the 15th of June 2022.
  • Yes, you can.  You are uniquely identified by your email address used when you made a payment in your first transaction. 
  • If you try to make a subsequent purchase with the same email address, the system will ask you to login first so the new orders are under the same account name.
  • This is an important consideration when buying a ticket for others.
  • Yes, while we can have tickets for the same events issued to the same name, set, house at the same time, we do not want to encourage people to do this, because it creates false statistics  event attendees.  
  • So, we would rather have unique firstname, surname, set, house on each ticket.
  • General yes.
  • Each event is likely to have it’s own dress code, and this will be clearly stated in the Programme of Events when it is finalized.

The process for obtaining a letter of invitation for Toronto2022

  1. Purchase your ticket. Provide proof (your receipt)
  2. Book hotel room at Westin. Provide proof of booking.
  3. Forward 1, 2 and your name as written on your passport and your passport number to your contact who will forward it to me or send them directly to me at
  4. You should receive the letter of invitation within 24 hours of my receiving your information.
  5. For retained Reunion Ticket holders from T2020, only note 2 and below will apply.
  6. The letter of invitation does not guarantee that you will be issued a visa. We have no influence whatsoever over the processing time for issuance of Canadian visas or whether you will be issued a Visa.
  7. Invitation letters will be issued in the name of the person that bought the ticket and booked the room. For Couples, please purchase two tickets.

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